My name is Anders Peter Knudsen Damgaard. Born the 6 September 1990 in northern Denmark.

Since I was a small child I liked photos, and in 2008 I brought my first SLR camera and ever since I have been doing photography whenever I could.

My interest lies in nature, all the way from beautiful sunsets to action filled wildlife.
Just as much as I love doing photography, I also love being outside in nature. Far away from mobilephones, mails and deadlines. It provides me with much needed breaks from a busy world.

My hobby has taken me from the mountains in Canada, to the woods of France and to the Swedish tundra. Travelling is essential for me as I live in Copenhagen where the true wilderness is far away.

In my professional life I am a professional auditor at KPMG, Denmark and along with my work is taking a bachelor in economy.

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Amendment from Anders Peters parents

Anders Peter died 2013-07-15 after almost 23 years living a good, active and joyful life.

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